Use this easy guide to confirm or find your ring size.  We hope you find the step-by-step slides helpful as well.


Follow these simple steps:


1. Take a piece of paper or white string
2. Wrap the string around the finger you want the ring to fit
3. When the wrap around meets the beginning

4. Wrap around again to hold strip taught (as seen on slide picture), mark the continuation side of the strip with a pen

5. Next, place the beginning of the paper strip or string on the "0" mark of a mm ruler, stretching it fully to the end to get your measurement
6. Record the measurement where the strip reaches the end and search your recorded number under "STRIP STRAND"
7. On the right of the STRIP STRAND size is the standard USA ring size that will determine your ring size for your order
Our slide (step #7) example marks at 58mm which equates to size 7 [USA]


*BONUS Service Option:  After following all the steps below and placing your order, this additional step can be helpful, but not necessary.  

Email us your order number and include a snapshot of your marked strip placed down on the ruler (example seen on slide step #7).  We will use your picture to insure the correct size on your picture matches your order.  We hope these steps and service are just what you're looking for to help make it easier. 

Important to consider: when measuring, keep in mind that your knuckles can be bigger and take that into consideration when recording your mark. 





Happy shopping!