09 12 2022


Dear BEBEATI Customers,

I want to take a moment to thank you and acknowledge your ongoing patronage towards BEBEATI.  Please know that from the beginning, your support has greatly encouraged me to provide you with original, yet classic Catholic jewelry.  I need to share with you important information concerning the price changes on all BEBEATI jewelry products.

It may come as no surprise to some of you that the price of precious metals have significantly increased in the most recent years.  However, every industry is experiencing increased costs from their vendors which is causing this trickle down situation for everyone.  While it is natural for companies to gradually increase prices over the coarse of the years to remain in operation, BEBEATI has not reasonably increased its prices since opening in 2017.

As a Creator/Maker, I strive to keep prices low.  Yet, it has become imperative for the financial management of BEBEATI's well being to incorporate the effect of higher price of raw materials on my work.  Newer pieces will be moderately increased, where as, older pieces will be scaled closer to today's market price.  This cost adjustment will allow me to continue to operate the business while delivering you excellent service and quality products.

Please know that for those of you who have been eyeing a piece, I will honor the price prior to the increase until September 30.

I value your business and the opportunity to serve you. I sincerely appreciate your understanding.

Dei Pax Vobis,