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24th Jul 2019

UPDATE of: [July 23, 2019] Why did we reactivate our Pinterest?

I must say, it is hard to witness the discrimination and censorship that is happening against missions that are promoting good works. Making rash decisions can be a result of that fury.  Last month, when I made the announcement on "IF THE WORLD HATES YOU" journal post to deactivate my Pinterest account, I was confident that I was not going to look back. There was no regret, nor did I miss using the app during that time.  Unfortunately, I recognize that these platforms are very much active in our culture and they have the attention of its users. Accordingly, through some reflection and prayer, I grasp that it is best to keep the Catholic and PROLIFE presence of BEBEATI on Pinterest. If I remove BEBEATI's faithful Catholic presence in attempt to stand in support of a good organizations, such as LiveAction, I am ineffective and not doing much good. Hence, after all that puffing towards Pinterest for their blatant discrimination concerning the PROLIFE movement, I humbly surrender but not to brace their agenda. BEBEATI will continue to be a presence to this platform posting as much as necessary, in order to confront issues concerning the topics that are crucial to the growth and awareness of good missions like; pro-life, Catholic faith, and all other forms of Christianity, etc.

Additionally, there are other means to go against the tide.  I would encourage everyone to take up your space in all or most, social platforms and demonstrate your Catholic and/or PROLIFE presence. We need to stay in the fight. Let it be God's job to sift through it. Another suggested option to go against this destructive culture, is to boycott the secular beast that provide financial support for the culture of death.  For instance the following companies support Planned Parenthood.  I love Starbucks Mocha but I'll pass.  Ben and Jerry's - I love ice cream but to be honest there are much better brands than theirs anyhow.  PayPal, I refuse to use them as a payment gateway.  Pepsico, never liked it and water is better for you.  MARs, chocolate lovers love real chocolate, no loss there either. These are some ways to fight against this evil, and money is where it hurts. Stop supporting them inadvertently by buying their products. 

Don't feed the beast.  Stop buying unnecessary things, especially when you have options or you can just go without.

God bless.